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Let's get real. Fundraising for a startup is not a science nor is it an art! It is an endless maze and you never know if you are getting closer to the end or if you are going around circles. I know it because I have been there. When I was a cofounder and CMO of an early-stage startup, I watched my own CEO spending endless hours meeting, pitching, socializing with investors only to hear "maybe" or "no" from investors. After I started advising startup founders and formed my own investment firm, I realized that founders need help beyond the typical "you should network more" advice. They need a how to guide from someone who has been there and done that! They need tips that are not written in books and they need to be told, plain and simple, when they are wrong!

Stats are ugly: only 2% of the founders who solicit capital from VCs receive it. That means for every 100 founders that have spent hours and hours trying to get in front of an investor and present, only 2 of them get money. 98 of them don't. These numbers get worse for women! Of every 2 that walk away with money, 0.4 are women.

I founded Startup Fundraising Academy because I don't like these stats. There is so much that is out of the control of a founder when it comes to fundraising but approaching fundraising with a robust strategy and executing that strategy perfectly should be 100% in their control. I want to see the 2% become 50% and in my lifetime. And that is what I am offering. A proven roadmap to raising capital effectively and efficiently.

Will you join me?

And here is the boring blurb about me:

Arezou Zarafshan, the founder of Startup Fundraising Academy is the Managing Partner of a boutique investment firm based in Denver, Colorado.

 A passionate and charismatic leader, Arezou has a reputation for helping others achieve game-changing results, ranging from business growth to personal development to fundraising.

 Arezou is currently on the advisory board for a number of startup companies inside and outside of Colorado and is frequently mentoring entrepreneurs and founders who are passionate about transforming the world.


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