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The Numbers Aren't Pretty

Funding Statistics

Only 2% of the startups that are reviewed by investors get funded.

Success Statistics

90% of entrepreneurial businesses that do not attract venture capital fail within three years.

Traction Statistics

More than 60% of startups stall in their fundraising.

Winging It Is Not the Answer

The odds are not in your favor to begin with and winging it only worsens your chances of getting funding in a respectable period of time, or at all. You have finite opportunities to get in front of the right people and get their commitment to invest in your company. A learning as you go approach will limit your odds substantially and you could lose credibility as a founder along the way.


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Startup Fundraising Academy

Enroll in Startup Fundraising Academy and learn all the tips and tricks of successful fundraising. This is the only guide that encompasses the entire spectrum of fundraising ranging from that critical decision point (to bootstrap or to raise) all the way to post your funding round. You will have access to videos, templates and iconography to help you along your fundraising journey.

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Every minute you spend learning it the hard way is a minute you could have used to get one step closer to the capital you are raising. Achieve your fundraising goals with confidence and knowledge.

Startup Fundraising Academy Features

How to Guide

A step by step process for founders to determine the type of funding they need and how to raise it efficiently.  


Online and offline resources you can use to dig in deep in any areas, from the database of investors to in-depth resources about founders equity.


Templates and tools for you to manage your fundraising process plus exclusive discount for Startup Fundraising Academy graduates.

"The Startup Fundraising Academy is a terrific starting point if you're ready to learn more about fundraising! Arezou will take you through a journey, sharing experiences, knowledge and lessons learned throughout each stage of fundraising. In my first webinar, I learned the role an investor plays throughout the entire process, gained a framework for building and presenting a pitch and have a better understanding of investment deal structure! She brings so much excitement and expertise, and I can't wait to dive deeper. "

Director of Operations - Mid Stage Startup

"Startup Fundraising Academy is the roadmap that every entrepreneur needs. This concise and complete 10-module system saved me time, money and energy, providing answers to questions I didn't even know to ask. This is an important tool for everyone thinking about taking the steps of launching a business. Thank you Arezou for your invaluable guidance, support and mentorship. "

Founder and CEO - Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance

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